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Apollo 16


Apollo 16 was launched on April 16, 1972 and was the fifth manned mission to land on the moon. For less then 3 days, John Young and Charles Duke roamed around on the Lunar surface, collecting materials, running science experiments and taking pictures. We dug through Nasa's image archives to bring you some of the less seen pictures from Apollo 16's journey. While many of these images look like they were taken yesterday many have a wonderful 1970's retro look. Enjoy!

Photos from "NASA" and "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" photo archive.

After almost five decades thoughs foot prints are still there.
Command/Service Module (CSM)
The camera attached to the astronaut's chest took many of these images.
Lunar Landing Module seen from the CSM as it departs for the moon's surface carrying astronauts John Young and Charles Duke.

Popularly known as the "Moon Buggy" the Lunar Rover was used on Apollo 15, 16 and 17. On the Apollo 16 mission it was driven for 3 hours and 26 minutes and covered roughly 16miles on the moon surface. It's one of th emost Iconic symbols of the Apollo missions.

Looking at the astronaut standing on the back of the Lunar Rover gives a great sense of the scale of the Lunar Landing module.
The fenders on the Lunar Rover really make this image a great 1970's retro look. Looks like they used an old VW bug as the base.

The image below shows the camera equipment used during the Apollo 16 mission. Wow, have things changed.

Thanks to NASA archives for these wonderful photos.

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